Sage Intacct

The flexible and configurable financial management platform built on a true cloud foundation

Sage Intacct customers achieve an average 250% ROI and payback in less than 6 months:

Reduce time to close by as much as 79%.
See real-time reporting across hundreds of consolidated entities.
Put finance leaders in a position to drive more growth.
As a best-in-class provider, our cloud accounting software products and financial management solutions deliver deep accounting capabilities across multiple industries designed with a single aim—to accelerate your success.

Complete Overview

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For the Lower Midsize Enterprises Use Case in Gartner’s 2020 Critical Capabilities report.

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Accounts Payable

Automating manual AP operations and simplifying ineffective workflows can save countless hours each year. You may customise the approvals process, workflow, and controls in place based on your preferences and the needs of your business with just a few simple clicks. Your team will be able to spend more time on tasks that are more essential as a result, and the accuracy of your data also will improve.

Accounts Receivable

Sage Intacct improves the productivity of your accounts receivable staff and speeds up payment with features like automated processes, email invoices, and several client payment methods. Sage Intacct can integrate with your CRM system so that you may streamline billing and accounting by having a single view of quotations, sales orders, and invoices as well as automatic posting of order transactions to both your general ledger and AR ledger. To make collections simple, you can also automate dunning and collection notices.

Cut back on manual processes
Order management may become a time-consuming procedure with many opportunities for error if you’re working with unintegrated systems, whether it’s manually entering orders into several systems or needing to track and move the order manually through your system. The sole manual procedure with Sage Intacct is inputting the order when it is first received into your single system. The proper departments, such as fulfilment and invoicing, receive the order information automatically based on the workflow you’ve established.

Establish Connection Between Finance and Sales
You can track details about your clients and client interactions in a single location that is available to both your sales and finance teams by integrating Sage Intacct accounting software with CRM. This improves workflows and customer happiness by giving your teams useful insight and ensuring that they are using the same information. In order to optimise the advantages, Sage Intacct can easily interface with both Salesforce CRM and Sage CRM on the Sage Business Cloud.


All Transactions Are Visible
To get a thorough and up-to-date view of your cash flow without having to access different systems, Sage Intacct accounting software allows you access to all of your transactions from credit cards, checking, and savings accounts in one location.

Electronic Reconciliations

Automatically reconcile your checking, savings, and credit card accounts by importing statements from all of your financial institutions. Spreadsheet reconciliations add needless complexity and an increased risk of error. Sage Intacct’s automated reconciliations make it simple and quick to identify out-of-the-ordinary charges, control bank problems, uncover fraudulent charges, and keep accurate cash balances.


Saving time

Your employees can work more productively because of the time saved by streamlining the tasks and processes associated with payment processing.

Streamline Payments and Procurement
Make sure your purchasing team orders the materials you require at the appropriate times and in the appropriate quantities. You may automate and streamline purchase orders, sign-offs, and requisitions using Sage Intacct’s purchase order software. Additionally, it integrates with cash management, accounts payable, and inventory so you don’t have to enter the same information twice. Sage Intacct’s customizable, role-based dashboards provide your purchasing team with all the up-to-date information they require to make quick decisions.

Maintain Consistency
With Sage Intacct accounting software, you can use best-practice templates to ensure that your organization’s procedures, including requisitions, quotations, and returns, are well-designed and adhered to. This improves your workflow control and aids in maintaining consistency.

Enhance reporting
When you rely solely on spreadsheets for reporting, you have little access to important business insights, and reporting takes a lot of time. With almost no effort, Sage Intacct enables you to thoroughly examine your data and acquire valuable information. You may easily access and produce reports without spending a lot of time thanks to the 150 built-in reports that are included and lay out the most crucial aspects. Additionally, you have the freedom to modify pre-existing reports or design completely new reports that are specific to your company and industry.

Data on finances and operations

Accounting software like Sage Intacct tracks and reports both financial and operational data, including SaaS metrics or other metrics crucial to your company. This allows you to create reports with a lot less work and provides better results.

Educative Dashboards
The user-friendly dashboards provided by Sage Intacct enable you to quickly decide based on up-to-date information by providing you with a thorough picture of your operational and financial performance. You can simply notice trends, compare benchmarks, drill down into source data, and more with access to critical metrics from practically any perspective, including business driver, product, and geography. You can also choose how your data is shown, whether it’s performance cards, reports, charts, or graphs.

Interact within Sage Intacct 
When communicating by email, it’s simple to overlook details and context. A few examples or variables that can slow down financial procedures include unclear processes, lacking information, and unusual problems. Sage Intacct provides inbuilt, encrypted communication features that enable your team to cooperate and solve problems fast. Discussions and notes can be made directly within the solution, providing a record of the pertinent information where your team needs it so they can work more quickly and effectively. Journal entries, accounts, projects, invoices, and other places can all be used to add notes and comments.

Additional Modules:
Contract and Subscription Billing
Contract Revenue Management
Fixed Assets
Inventory Management
Multi-Entity and Global Consolidations
Project Accounting
Sales and Use Tax
Time and Expense Management
Vendor Payment Services

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